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Materials List for Oil Painting

Materials to bring to the first class:




straight edge,

medium-size oil painting brush,

fine tip black marker, and

painting pallet.

If a student has oil colors, bring them. If they need to purchase, try getting a starter kit at Michael’s (such as Windsor Newton or Gamblin) or order from art supply stores such as Dick Blick, Utrecht or Cheap Joe’s.

It is not necessary to have all of the colors, but the colors recommended are:

Cadmium Red medium,

cadmium scarlet,

cadmium orange,

cadmium yellow deep,

cadmium yellow Light,

Lemon Yellow light,

Cadmium Green,

Cobalt Green,

Cerulean Blue,

Cobalt Blue,

Manganese Violet,

Mars black or Ivory black,

Titanium White,

Paynes Gray,

Yellow ochre,

ultramarine blue.

Other supplies:

odorless mineral spirits, safflower oil, disposable gloves, paper towels, canvas board, stretched canvas, boards with gesso.

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